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Wine Tasting Notes

Stay up-to-date on the wines you have tasted – easily, quickly and without unnecessary complexity. Rate wines the way professionals do.

If you visit wine tasting events and try various wines, this application is for you. Make notes, record information on individual samples and stay perfectly up-to-date on the wines you have tasted. If you wish to work with the data further on a PC, you can simply send your records to any e-mail address.

Are you unsure about how to systematically rate wines? Don’t worry - it’s not difficult at all. You can now rate wines in the way professionals do, and it’s really easy. Our application enables you to work easily with the 100-point scale which is commonly used at international competitions and in prestigious publications.

Individual characteristics of a wine are rated separately. First rate appearance, then aroma and finally taste. Each of these characteristics is further broken down into:


  • clarity
  • colour (to what degree colour corresponds to variety, year, type of wine, etc.)


  • * intensity
  • * purity (to what degree aroma corresponds to variety, year, type of wine, etc.)
  • * harmony


  • * intensity
  • * purity (to what degree aroma corresponds to variety, year, type of wine, etc.)
  • * harmony
  • * persistence (how long the taste impression lasts)

The overall impression is rated last. This rating shows how the wine “suits” you and how its individual characteristics go together.

Give each characteristic a rating on a scale of 1 to5, where 1 is best and 5 worst:

  1. excellent
  2. very good
  3. good
  4. satisfactory
  5. unsatisfactory

The marks in each category correspond to points which vary among characteristics depending on the weighting of the characteristic concerned. You can simply switch to view the assigned points in the application in order to learn the 100-point system better.

The resulting score will be within a range of 40 to 100 points:

  • 40 - 69 undrinkable wine
  • 70 - 74 mediocre wine
  • 76 - 79 wine that makes no particular impression
  • 80 - 84 good everyday drinking wine without serious flaws
  • 85 - 89 very good wine
  • 90 - 94 excellent wine, worth tasting
  • 95 - 100 wine of the absolute highest quality, unique and fantastic

If you just want to test wine rating using the 100-point scale, you can try our application “WinRater” which is available for free at AppStore.


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